Pistoia Nursery Campus

a unique experience in tuscany


The Pistoia Nursery Campus is the first place where education, nature, experience, and technologies have found the perfect balance for holistic training.

why the Nursery Campus

The Pistoia Nursery Campus’s main goal is to develop people through experiential training that uses the concepts of sharing and co-creation in which the roles of teacher and student come together.


To transmit green culture and the Pistoia area’s role in looking after the district and safeguarding the environment

To bring professionals up to date on new trends in the sector through sharing international experiences

To launch and manage research projects directed at improving the environment

To train young people with high potential for the cultural growth of companies

To apply new methods, technologies, and principles to training in order to increase performance


Learning Community: each person who participates in the campus is a source of information to be shared and examined together

Space as a tool: the places on the campus were constructed as settings to be used for training people. The classrooms and external areas assist learning through a combination of technology and nature to develop personal potential.

Art and culture: the campus is a space where art and culture are disseminated. The Pistoia area and the environment are part of our culture to be protected and enhanced.

Training as a form of evolution: the guiding principle for courses and events held on the campus is to bypass traditional training formats by using new methods and new technologies to bring people back to the heart of education.

you will have at your disposal

  • 9 rooms with bath/shower
  • free Wi-Fi
  • Satellite TV
  • Kitchenette
  • Video Room
  • Gym Room
  • Sports fields
  • Botanical path
  • Bio-lake
  • Kitchen garden
  • Library
  • Private parking
  • Pistoia Nursery Park

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